I was approached by UK-based musician Micky Risk to design a digipak CD Cover for his new album ‘long in the Making’. The image above shows a selection of photos showing the design. As the CD design features flowers, I took some photos in my garden with a yellow rose that, ahem…”fell off” the rose bush (at least that’s what my wife thinks!).
Please see my rather amateurish video below for a “tour” of the design with an explanation of it. After the video, take a look at the gallery below for further info on this custom design and illustration I produced. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…
Short Video About This Digipak Design (Below)…
Above: This is the Digipak cardboard sleeve laid flat. You can see how the illustration I created covers the whole thing from back to front. For an explanation of the actual design, please see the video above.
Above: Note the barcode on the digipak design. Unlike my previous CD Design for The Sunrise, I applied this on the actual file (rather than the printing company applying it after sending final files).
Above: Inside the cardboard CD case, an 8-page (or 8 panel) booklet was included. This slipped into a slot including on the underside of the front cover. Yes, it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself!
Above: Here’s what the inside of the Digipak sleeve looks like when the 8-page booklet and Compact Disc are removed. As can be seen, the illustration continues behind the clear plastic CD tray.
Above: This is the first page of the inner booklet. I’ve kept the illustrative work minimal so the small lyrics can be seen clearly.
Above: The lyrics are coloured in black, and only use black ink on overprint so there are diamond sharp! For more on the use of black, read my article The Professional Designer’s Guide to using Black.
Above: When I had some spare ‘space’ (when some song lyrics were shorter), I used more illustration to fill the gaps. On the left, I used some random bushes, and on the right, sea waves.
Above: It’s hard to see here, but this is the CD Digipak Design wrapped in plastic for distribution purposes.
Final Thoughts…
This was a really enjoyable project to work on, and after seeing the final  CD Digipak Design that Micky kindly sent me, I was overjoyed at the final result. I love to designs CD’s, but as time ticks away, many people download music instead. At the moment, though, there is still a place for the humble “tangible” CD Sleeve. Until they disappear from the mainstream like cassettes, I will be happily-ready to design some more!
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If You Missed it, Here's the Video Again...

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