Lifesaver was a Christian-based event that was held at St. Peter’s Church in Cauldwell, UK. What was Lifesaver? Their printed copy text explained:
"It is a week of events from 28 March to 3 April organised by St Peter’s Church. Most events will have a short talk about why Jesus came.  We hope to see you there!"
Elwyn of St Peter’s required a leaflet (pamphlet) and poster campaign that would carry their message over the course of 3 weeks. After excepting my quotation, I was hired to design a logo and leaflet design first to kick off the campaign. The logo is included in the above image.
Leaflet Design
I designed a roll-fold A4 full colour glossy leaflet. See a handful of the 2500 final printed versions below:
The next 2 images show the entire double-sided roll-fold design when unfolded. Outer image on right:
Inner panels:
Here is a closeup of the printed logo, which I designed in Adobe Illustrator in vector format:
I used two popular and proven fonts within the design, Trajan Pro and Myriad Pro (in varied weights):
I also designed a custom map for the leaflet, which appeared on the very back page when folded:
Poster Sketches
The large-format posters were to be a series which revealed what the event was in 3 stages. It turned out that the A0 posters were required in landscape orientation, as they were to be placed in a pre-fitted board outside the Church.
I sketched a couple of “reveal” ideas in my Moleskine sketchbook. This was the concept I expanded upon and used:
This was a similar concept:
I experimented with the graphic styling of the design, too:
I decided to use vector shapes combined with stark imagery of rough seas:
AO-Sized Large-format Landscape Poster Designs
Here are the final Ao poster designs in order [1]:
A3 and A4 Poster Design
The smaller A3 and A4 poster designs (that were displayed internally) showed just the final version of the design, but in portrait orientation:
Much Creative Fun, but for Real Purpose
I must say, this project was wonderful to work on. I had pretty much free reign to get my creative juices flowing. I produced something original and unique—and I feel like the whole campaign will have had a great impact on the community.
As a Christian, the project was more to me than just part of earning a living. I desired to create something was instrumental in spreading the Christian message to the people of Cauldwell.
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